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[33] Bricole | Hearts in Collide

This is a brief summary of what Brady and Nicole have been through the past year.

When I stared this vid I had no idea where I was going with it. It had a different song than the one I ended up using and a different intro. So when I changed the intro I only had a limited amount of time to work with. That’s why the first two pieces of dialogue are more condensed than I would have liked them to be but I think it works okay. Also, I hate how zoomed in the end is but NBC had a weather advisory scroll with a gigantic logo that took up a big portion of the screen so I had to just work with what I had. I suppose I could have waited for someone to upload the epi but I’m a bit impatient when it comes to vidding. Other than that, I’m loving this vid!

Also, I realize that the song is really “happy” and Bricole’s story is extremely intense and at times heartbreaking but I really like the juxtaposition it creates. I love showing something happy and then something tragic and in this case it just happens to be at the same time.
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