»Trying to Find the Light

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Follow-up to “Like Ships in the Night.” Find out where Mike and Alex are a year later. m/m slash
Rating: M
Words: 8,972

[207] if these wings could fly.

»A Step Forward

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: It’s Mike’s Christmas party and he can cry if he wants to…just as long as Alex is there to comfort him. m/m slash.
Rating: T
Words: 4,409
[206] you make me sick.

[205] The Miz & Alex Riley - Glowing

oh mizley ♥

by maej26

Characters: The Miz & Alex Riley
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating: MA

Started: 7/22/12
Finished: 8/10/13

Summary: A hyperrealistic vision of what Mike and Alex experienced behind the scenes. Begins in the summer of 2010 when the two are paired together for NXT.

This is a love story between two men. Mature audiences only.

New chapters posted on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

[204] The Miz and Alex Riley - Somebody to die for

[203] The Miz & Alex Riley || One

»Corner Man

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Takes place after Miz compliments Alex in his commentary for Main Event.
Rating: K
Words: 3,169

[202] DOWNFALL (The Miz & Alex Riley)

[201] as you go; multifandom

part 3.

the giver gives the gift of color
to just one person and none other
to live a life of black and white
to see the burst of the spectrum light!
it’s a drug, a magic, a love
a vision worth the fight
and worth the loss of peripheral sight

a net cast wide
from branch to branch
and tree to tree
all it takes is for one person to believe
the one who sees beneath
the one who assembles the puzzle
it’s not a choice to collect each piece
it just happens, a gift like the color

the eye cannot describe hues and tints to the blind
not even the poet with all the words to rhyme
but they don’t have to activate the pupil
to feel the heat, to hear the sparks
when burning flesh to burning flesh meet

the giver gives the gift of color
from blushing pink to neon blue
and a flag bright red
hidden in unhidden view

but the shadows are thick
a veil, an elaborate trick
even the light is complicit

weeds allowed to take root
where flowers should flourish
but in a world void of color
no one will ever notice

a scar, a constant reminder
the blade slices in deep
there’s always a price
for secrets to keep


part 2.

it was where she worked
cases at the FBI
don’t deal with misdemeanor and DUI

the stage had been set
the playing field leveled
but redemption, a title still unmet

the attachment too strong
and the hope too great
he likes to test the line
to see if it will break

the pattern doesn’t lie
but the man just might
it’s a balance unbalanced

one side, a game
it’s petty, it’s cruel
the other, a sign
an exercise of the mind
to get at the heart
a gift hidden
wrapped up and cloaked in a secret bind

it was where she worked
behind the curtain
drawing the line
discovering truth
perpetrated in every crime



it was gradual
but it became permanent
a fixture in the sky
the inkwell that could never run dry

I hold on tight
I cling to it
everyday hoping for one more day

he played matchmaker with his soul
random partner chosen
a semblance of control
I’m so in love with you
I heard him say it in chapter thirty-five
words strung together
so delicate
but the voice harsh
it was the wrong voice
to the wrong one on twenty-one

stars form patterns in the sky
I jumped the gun and let the pen fly
it needed to make sense
but it couldn’t without time

the little things, the smallest things
pass by in the blink of an eye
until it stops and the pattern tells you why


»String of Words«

Alex has a way of making all of Mike’s worries disappear.
Takes place after Raw 2/18/13 when The Rock unveiled the new championship.
Rated: M
Words: 1,836
m/m slash. one-shot.