a collection of montages, fanfics and fanart by maej26

you’ll never be alone.
pairing: The Miz and Alex Riley (WWE)
song: Silhouette - Active Child ft Ellie Goulding
created by: maej26

I’m never gonna get enough of these two.


Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Mike and Alex meet after the Battleground PPV for some alone time.
(m/m slash)
Rating: PG
Words: 2,025

»The Key

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Mike surprises Alex with an unexpected visit. (m/m slash)
Rating: T
Words: 1,486

start over again.
pairing: The Miz and Alex Riley (WWE)
song: Start Over Again - Alex Band
created by: maej26


It cannot be spelled
Nor can it be pronounced
Though surely if it could
No mortal being ever daring, ever would

It’s the waking dream and the wasteless sleep
It’s a cure, a granted wish, the ultimate gift
The only answer, the map, the key
It’s the comfort, the warmth and the happy

It’s the rays of light
And the burst of hope’s brilliant colors
Twinkling, shining and bright
Illuminating even the darkest, dullest hours

It comprises both the canvas and the palette
The brush and every stroke
It’s the vision that can never be captured
And the restless passion spinning every spoke

It’s the grace and unparalleled beauty
Of fact and absent proof
It’s the simple, the complex
The greatest mystery and the only truth

It’s the completeness of a circular ring, the center of everything
And the edges of eternity’s endless bounds
It’s a love that will never be rivaled
The indelible discovery that can never be unfound

It’s the number that can’t be counted
The song that can’t be sung
The poem that can never be written
And the tangled, twisted knot that can never be unwound

April 26, 2014

[208] you left me in the dark.

»The Balance

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Mike discovers his happiness comes at a price. AU.
Rating: T
Chapters: 6

»Trying to Find the Light

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: Follow-up to “Like Ships in the Night.” Find out where Mike and Alex are a year later. m/m slash
Rating: M
Words: 8,972

[207] if these wings could fly.

»A Step Forward

Characters: The Miz and Alex Riley
Summary: It’s Mike’s Christmas party and he can cry if he wants to…just as long as Alex is there to comfort him. m/m slash.
Rating: T
Words: 4,409

[206] you make me sick.

[205] The Miz & Alex Riley - Glowing

oh mizley ♥

by maej26

Characters: The Miz & Alex Riley
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating: MA

Started: 7/22/12
Finished: 8/10/13

Summary: A hyperrealistic vision of what Mike and Alex experienced behind the scenes. Begins in the summer of 2010 when the two are paired together for NXT.

This is a love story between two men. Mature audiences only.

New chapters posted on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

[204] The Miz and Alex Riley - Somebody to die for